First butterfly

April 08, 2014

Šodien manā blogā viesojas manas mammas nadziņi. Un arī pirmais šī pavasara taurenis. :)


Today there are guests in my blog - my mom's nails! And also first butterfly of this spring. :)

Zeltnešiem kā akcentu izvēlējos ūdens uzlīmi ar taureni, bet pamatā klāju Sassy Purple Chameleon, kas maina krāsu atkarībā no temperatūras. Ja rokas ir siltas, tonis ir gaiši lillā, bet ja tās paliek aukstas, tad krāsa mainās uz tumši violetu. Pārējiem nagiem - SanSan Violet Glam.


For the ring fingers I chose water decals with butterflies, but the background color is Sassy Purple Chameleon, which changes shade depending on the temperature. If your hands are warm, than color is light lilac, but if your hands turn cold, than it changes to dark purple. For other nails - SanSan Violet Glam.


  1. So so pretty! I've never tried nail art, but would love to. Found the cutest little nail decals with little bunny sketches on Etsy.. almost included them in my round up today on the blog :) xo

    1. You need to try some nail art! It is quite easy, if you use decals. :)


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